This release in 1984 which retailed at £179.95, added a keyboard with moving keys to remedy the ‘dead flesh’ feel of the original along with a reset button, but otherwise was just the same computer in a new case. Unfortunately the keyboard was plagued by the same problems as the original 48K Spectrum as it was still just a membrane underneath injection-moulded plastic keys. In fact the problem was reportedly even worse with the new keyboard and failure rates of as much as 30% were reported by some retailers compared to the rubber keyboard failure rate of under 10%. Because they were exactly the same machine, Sinclair introduced an upgrade option where you could buy a case kit and swap out the internal board yourself. The Spectrum + came bundled with a starter cassette and a new-look manual by Dorling Kindersley.



Speed: 3.5MHz
ROM: 16K
Sound: (1 channel, 10 octaves)
Ports: Expansion I/O, RF, Ear, Mic
Price at launch: £179.95


Source:(Retro Games collector)