Welcome to my Sinclair corner. I know there are many like it but this one is MINElaughing.

In recent years I have seen a lot of interesting information on the internet about speccy community, however it is sometimes difficult for me to find  the information fast when I need it. I hope creation of this corner will help me to gather this information (links to) at one place, so everybody can consult it as well. Although, sinclair had a brought product portfolio, the information published here will be limited only to sinclair computers and the peripherals used by these computers. Some information related to software will also be presented, however that is not the main goal of this site. Firstly, the goal of this corner is to gather the interesting information (links) about speccy community that I have found on the internet and secondly to show off my loft collection which partly can be bought. Every once in a while I have to sell some items to be able to maintain my collection.