The Sinclair QL (QL standing for Quantum Leap), was a personal computer launched by in 1984, it was lauched as a successor to the ZX Spectrum. The QL was aimed at the hobbyist and small business users and markets, but failed to achieve commercial success.The QL was originally conceived in 1981 under the code-name ZX83, as a portable computer for business users, with a built-in flat-screen CRT display and internal modem. As development progressed, and ZX83 became ZX84, it eventually became clear that the portability features were over-ambitious and the specification was reduced to a conventional desktop configuration.


CPU: Motorola 68008

Speed: 7.5MHz
ROM: initial 32KB later 48KB
RAM: 128KB (8 x 16K)
Sound: Second CPU 8049
Ports: ROM cartridge socket, dual RS-232 ports, proprietary QLAN local area network ports, dual joystick ports and an external Microdrive bus
Price at launch: £399