ZX Spectrum +3 (1987)

Coming to market slightly before the +2a/b was the first Spectrum with a disk drive, albeit (and in typical Amstrad fashion) Amstrad’s own 3″ version and not the more widely adopted 3.5″ FDD. Apart from the disk drive (and disk B port), this machine was almost identical to the +2a/b models released later the same year.

Despite floppy disks being the ‘next generation’ of data storage, the +3 was a flop, most sales still going to it’s +2 brother. Perhaps the necessity of a Multiface 3 to transfer data from tape to disk or lack of support for the disk format resulting in a poor choice of software could be to blame for its lacklustre sales. More likely still, it was the superior Commodore Amiga and Atari ST. Whatever the cause, this remains the final Sinclair ZX Spectrum model produced.


Speed: 3.5MHz
ROM: 64KB (32K for 128K mode, 16K for 48K mode, 16K for +3DOS)
RAM: 128KB (8 x 16K)
Sound: 3 Channels, 7 Octaves (Yamaha AY-3-8912)
Ports: Disk B, Printer, Expansion I/O, RS232/Midi, Aux, RGB, RF, Sound, 2 x Joystick ports
3″ Hitachi Floppy Disk Drive – single sided
Price at launch: £249


Source:(Retro Games collector)