ZX Spectrum +2 a/b (1987)

Back to black with the ZX Spectrum +2a/b which was essentially a +3 in a black +2 case with a datacorder instead of the disk drive. In fact, aside from looking aesthetically similar to the +2, this was an entirely new machine, sporting a redesigned motherboard with a much reduced chipset (the same board as the +3 below). All of these internal changes came at a cost though, with the +2a/b models being incompatible with a lot of older software. Other changes were made including some to the I/O Expansion which rendered the ZX Interface 1 (and therefore Microdrives) incompatible with this model.


Speed: 3.5MHz
ROM: 64KB (32K for 128K mode, 16K for 48K mode, 16K for +3DOS)
RAM: 128KB (8 x 16K)
Sound: 3 Channels, 7 Octaves (Yamaha AY-3-8912)
Ports: Printer, Expansion I/O, RS232/Midi, Aux (formerly ‘keypad’), RGB, RF, Sound
Price at launch: £199


Source:(Retro Games collector)