ZX Spectrum +2 (1986)

After Amstrad’s buyout of Sinclair in 1986, they set to work designing a new ZX Spectrum. The resulting machine was the only Spectrum to have a grey case and now resembled previous Amstrad computers with it’s built-in tape deck and for the first time; a proper fully moving keyboard. Gone was the one-touch-one word keyboard; you now had to type out your words letter by letter, although the startup menu still allowed you to use 48K mode and use keywords (even though you had to guess or memorise from earlier Spectrums just what keys did what!). The menu was now without the ‘tape test’ option and the copyright message was now Amstrad’s own resulting in some incompatibilities with old software and the new ROM (although there were actually very few). Due to lower production costs the price of this new machine had now dropped to £149.00.



Speed: 3.5MHz
ROM: 32KB (16K for 128K mode, 16K for 48K mode)
RAM: 128KB (8 x 16K)
Sound: 3 Channels, 7 Octaves (Yamaha AY-3-8912)
Ports: Expansion I/O, RS232/Midi, Keypad, RGB, RF, Sound
Price at launch: £149


Source:(Retro Games collector)